Sep 27, 2007

floating beneath the surface

Have you ever lost your way? Forgotten who you are?

I have been so blocked and unable to put my thoughts into words. Sometimes putting things down makes them too permanent for me, and I have always been scared of that. Once it's out there you have to face it and own it and deal with it. I guess that is probably what I need to do, I just don't always want to do it.

This weekend I am missing a scrapbook weekend and I am truly sad to not have gone. There are some crazy, amazing people there! I can only imagine that the fun and laughter I would have had would have done me a world of good right now. For some reason I was just not able to make it happen this time. I will definitely be committing myself to the spring weekend.

I think I am ready to get out there and have some fun now. Please, for the love of sanity, come and drag me out. I am sure that will be the only way.