May 5, 2009

more random stuff about me.....

More random stuff about me.....

I don't like potato chips.
I LOVE ice cream. I let it mostly melt before I eat it.
I am temperature sensitive, and don't like things too hot or too cold.
American Idol has lost its luster for me.
I heart Facebook.
Every day I am a little bit of a better person than I was the day before.
I am always learning, always growing.
I've tried life without caffeine, and I don't like it that way.
I don't prefer icky things, but I don't mind them. No, I don't want to see your scar. But it wouldn't gross me out if I did.
Warm chocolate chip cookies are my favorite.
I can't imagine life without music.
I can't stop being sarcastic for more than a few minutes at a time.
There is never enough time - not enough kid time, not enough friend time, not enough vacation time....
I love my cats, but I don't generally like pets.
I love my girls, but I don't generally love kids.
I hate decisions that are not thought out.
I hate lies, and liars, and people who mask the truth. It is a good way to push me away and make me never trust you.
Trust is one of my most cherished possessions.
I don't like that I don't have any family close by.
I love mail.
I am bad at all of the qualities I like in a person.
I scream too much, I don't like it, I can't stop.
I care more about people than they know or than I am able to show.
I notice beauty in everyday things. I see the way light reflects on water, rain paints a landscape, spring renews our surroundings...
I love jewelry and don't take good care of it so it never lasts long enough.
I don't look good in glasses or hats, which bugs me because I like to wear them. My sisters and daughters and niece all look amazing in glasses and hats.
One of the things I hate about talking on the phone is getting off. My sister and I usually end when one of us says "I have nothing else to say." "Ok." And we hang up.
I am sick and tired of hearing the side effects of medication in commercials. I don't understand why the side effects of a medication sound worse than the thing they are curing.
Water is my favorite drink.
AND captain and coke.
AND stoli razz, cranberry, and a splash of sprite.
I hate that the last one doesn't have a name, but every bartender knows how to make it.
The show Criminal Minds scares the bejesus out of me, but I love to watch it anyway.
Anything scary that is potentially realistic scares me to death (serial killers, someone's hiding in the dark, kind of stuff). Freddy and Jason, not so much.

I have nothing else to say.....

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