Oct 31, 2008

friday fill-in 96


1. My favorite food seasoning is fresh ground pepper. I also put Adobo on just about everything.
2. My girls' laughter is music to my ears.
3. Lucky is being happy with what you have.
4. Trust is something I take very seriously.
5. Many people are joining Facebook all of a sudden.
6. A USB cable was the last thing I bought at the store.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to trick-or-treat, smell my feet..., tomorrow my plans include a trip to the Apple store and Sunday, I want to not freeze at the playoff game!

Oct 27, 2008

manic monday meme

What is the greatest value that guides your life?
I would have to say honesty and trust. I am not a very trusting person by nature and tend to doubt until proven otherwise. I was challenged on this recently, and I think it is because I have been given plenty of reason not to trust over the years.
I think little white lies almost annoy me the most because I generally don't see the reason for it.
Please, please, please give me the benefit of the truth.

Fill in the blank: If I could be anybody besides myself, I would be ______.
Hmm. Maybe one of those "Real Housewives of..." women. They seem to have it made, and their biggest concern is being on the right guest list or that they have the right dress to wear to the gala. These are problems I could have.
(Yeah, I know. I'm turning off Bravo any second now...)

What is one item in your house that you should really throw out but probably never will?
I guess my endless pile of scrapbook magazines. I don't ever look at them, but I just don't seem to have the heart to throw them out. I have gotten rid of tons of stuff lately, but this isn't one of them.

Oct 26, 2008

what's on bravo?

So I hurt my back pretty badly which has left me couch-bound. This means I am now caught up on every show on Bravo. I have been watching Bravo non-stop! Any trash they want to put out there, I am willing to take in.

Anybody want to discuss?

Project Runway - Kenley is a bitch. For reals.

Top Design - Who gets that far and quits? That's crap. You stole a spot that someone else could've had. I wish she'd have left sooner so Natalie or Wisit could have gone farther. Maybe they're not the best, but at least they were interesting. Oh - and what the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks is Kelly Wearstler wearing this season??? She is really starting to scare me.

Tim Gunn's Guide to Style - I looove me some Tim Gunn. LOVE him. I wish someone would nominate me to go on his show so I could get some fabulous new clothes and shoes.

Swingtown - I think this is a CBS show, but there was a marathon on Bravo. Did I mention I was couch-ridden? This one was too funny, and I loved Janet. She made the show.

Real Housewives of Atlanta - I know, I know, - but I can't walk people! NeNe cracks me up, Kim is too naive, and Sheree irritates me. She seems too desperate. And maybe broke. She is counting on that divorce settlement a little too much, no? And where the heck are her children? Oh, that's right. We caught a quick glimpse of them interrupting her private shoe shopping experience. What were they thinking?

Top Chef New York - starts in two weeks! Woohoo! Can't wait!

Well, that's what's going on on Bravo. Clearly the sooner I get off the couch the better. I'm going to turn on IM now. For the love of Pete, somebody please talk to me. Or call. Or visit. HELP!!!!!

Oct 24, 2008

friday fill-in


1. Right now, I'm feeling a lot of pain - I threw out my back!
2. On an island sipping a cool drink is where I want to be.
3. How does one find the time (and energy) to do it all?
4. Writing things down (or setting reminders in my crackberry) keeps me on track.
5. Please don't give up on me.
6. Seeing my children succeed fills me with joy.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to relaxing at home with my little girl, tomorrow my plans include fun new haircuts and Sunday, I want to enjoy our last early morning game!

Oct 5, 2008

writing exercise

I've come to the conclusion that I need to write more. Not just here, but in general. A surefire way for me to know that things have become clouded or blocked is my ability or inability write. I guess that's why I'm writing here today.... To see if I can.

Fall is descending on us and I have taken the time to stop and admire the beauty of it as much as possible. The views from my windows at work are stunning, and I have really enjoyed watching the amazing displays of color each day. This is of course in sharp contrast to the unending construction that is going on in the area. I have yet to understand exactly what it is they are doing. I know it is related to utilities in some way (water, maybe?) but that's as clear as it gets. Getting to the building has turned into a life-sized game of Frogger and I'm not sure that I'm winning.

My youngest had an accident on Friday and ended up at the ER. She is ok, but it is always so nerve-wracking to see your babies in pain. She seems to require trips to the hospital every six months or so and I hate it. If she makes it to and through her teen years in one piece, it will be a minor miracle.

We just got back from a surprise Disney trip. The kids are the perfect age to enjoy and wonder and marvel in the Disney magic. It was such a great time for all of us. We all got to hit our favorite spots and rides. I wish we were able to take trips like this more often. I think I will make it a goal that we do. My sister and nephew were able to meet us there, which was such a treat. It's a shame that they are so far away and that we can't see each other more often.

Sadly not surprising to me, I am having trouble finding the words.... So that's it for now. I will try to write more soon...