Feb 24, 2012


My mind seems to be racing this week.  I don't know why or what the trigger really has been or what is happening.  Things are ok, they always are.  But things are on the brink of what could be disaster, which always looms over my head too.

I'm happy, thing are going ok.  But I'm sad.  Things could and should be better.

Sometimes I wish the path I am supposed to take was much more clear to me.  I can't understand why things have spun so far away from any that I might recognize.  Somehow the last piece of the puzzle never seems to fit.

Mental illness ruins everything.  A demon that is never truly conquered.

Make it work.  Make it work.  Make it work.

Shut up and deal with it.

Find happiness in the many small blessings.

Push through.

Fix all the things within your control.  Fix all the things within my control.  Fix everything.

Try and not shatter.

I can't do it.

I am so weak.