Jul 21, 2006

i'm a fourteen year old girl writing about my cat

Or am i just under 30 and sociable?

I'll leave it up to you to decide what they are trying to say......

Portrait of a Blogger


So I guess I better start writing about my cat if I want to maintain the status quo, huh?

We've had our four year old male cat, Tigger, since he was a kitten. I somehow finally succumbed to the ridiculous notion that he needed a friend. Well, here's the thing - cats do NOT need a friend. It's just not a good idea.

We went back to the pound where we got our first cat, and they had a cute little short-haired tabby female who needed a home. Sarafina got along well with the whole family, and we thought it would be a good fit. Tigger did NOT agree. He spent the whole first week she was around growling and hissing. This was way outside of his normal routine of sleeping, shedding, and purring. He wanted nothing to do with her, or us either for that matter. He was just disgruntled by the whole situation. And mostly the new kitty just stared at him like "What's your problem, dude?" She, like us, was naive enough to think that there would be peace and love and that she would have a new best friend.

After about a week of him glaring and hissing at her all the time, Sarafina decided she had finally had enough and was going to retaliate. After being hissed at yet again, I'm pretty sure she tripled in size, stood erect on her hind legs, and proceeded to tell Tigger exactly who was boss. He, like us, stared at her in disbelief. What the heck just happened? So she started taking to chasing him down, hissing, and attacking him anytime he breathed in her direction.

By week three just as I was starting to think we had made a huge mistake, the tides turned again. We were sitting there with Tigger all casual when Sarafina struts in, gives Tigger her best "come hither" look, and starts howling and rolling around on the floor. Swell. He just looks at her like "What the heck do you want me to do with all that???" (He was neutered quite young and spent most of his life indoors.) He was rather confused. I was too - trying to figure out exactly what I've done while trying to corral the amorous little heathen into another room. Where she will be staying until she goes to the vet on Monday.

Who knows what changes next week will bring!

(If you need me, I'll be at the Hyatt -- I can't take it anymore!!!)


Jul 20, 2006

what? i scrapbooked?

Hey! I forgot to mention -- I scrapbooked!! It took getting back together with my old group to make it happen. I always tell people that it is always easier to scrap at someone else's house, and it's true. I didn't get tons done, but I feel good having attempted it.

There is a scrapbook weekend coming up in late fall, and I really hope that I can get a few friends to join me and go to it. What a time that will be!! Nothing like a good ol' fashioned slumber party to get the creative juices flowing! Anyone want to come?

what's new?

Ok - quick update on things. I clearly have been back to work, which has greatly affected how much I am posting here. Work is fine. I wouldn't say that I love it, but I wouldn't say that I hate it either which I guess is a good thing. It was alluded to that I may have an opportunity for growth in the near future which is rather exciting. We'll see where it takes me. It's hard to tell just yet.

Other than that, I have been caught in a whirlwind of summer activities. We spent the day at the beach with the kids frying ourselves crispy right before my anniversary weekend getaway. We spent our weekend peeling - cause nothing says romance like skin flaking off your body at an alarming rate and feeling like a snake shedding its skin. Blech!! It was a great weekend though. Who knew you could feel so rejuvenated after just three days away? It was amazing!

Jul 8, 2006

happy anniversary

What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined... to strengthen each other... to be one with each other in silent unspeakable memories.
~George Eliot

I love you for all the quiet moments that we share.
I love you for the tender way that you care for me.
I love that you push me to be a better person.
I love the strong father you have become.
I love that you are headstrong and smart.
I love the way your eyes light up when you are happy.
I love that you have goals and achieve them.
I love the way that you nuture our family.
I love that you bring out my best qualities.
I love the respect that we have for each other.
I love that you have a sense of pride in what you do.

I am so fortunate that God put you in my life.
You make the impossible possible.
You are my strength and my joy.
You are the love of my life.

Thank you for all that you do and all that you are.

Happy Anniversary, My Love.