Nov 23, 2005

great new people

Ok, that last post was too negative. So here's some positive stuff.

I have met some great people lately. Some really great people. Different circumstances have put me in different places and I have had the unique opportunity to come across some amazing people. Do you know the feeling when you meet someone for the first time and you think, "Yeah. We're going to get along great." Well, I've had the pleasure of thinking this many times lately. I love it! I am starting to remember that person I was once, the person that I should be, and I'm not bogged down by all the preconceived notions and dull expectations. I am having fun. Remember fun? It's important, you know. Some of these people that I met I get to see every day. And some I may never see again. But they have all had their part in reminding me of how to stop and laugh and enjoy the little moments life has to offer. And I thank them for that.


Meg said...

Oh please say I'm one of those people!!!!!

tosin said...

Of course, my dear!

Mel said...

There Meg goes again... all about her!!!