Apr 19, 2006

everyday love

What is love?

Love is in the little things.

The sugar high is fast and furious around here. We've been making ourselves sick on Easter candy for the last four days. Our baskets are still overflowing with more than any family will ever need in a lifetime. DH tends towards the sugar candies and I go for the chocolate treats - it's the perfect balance. For some reason the kids prefer the Peeps...Blech! They can have them!

Today DH finally came across the coveted red Starburst. After countless packs of substandard yellows and oranges he finally found one!

"Yes! A red one!" he declared.
"Ooh red! My favorite!" I said without thinking.

He tossed it over to me without hesitation. He wouldn't take it back. And it was delicious!

Around here, giving up the red Starburst is true love.

Cause love is in the little things.


Pamela Lynn ~ flutterby7 said...

aww... so sweet...

DH said...

Thanks Hun

Liz (sporty) said...

Yes, love is in the little things. I love that he gave you the starburst. How sweet and thanks for the reminder that we need to look at those "little" acts as acts of love.