Oct 2, 2007

cat whisperer

Why is it that house pets always seem to stick closest to the person that cares the least about them?

It has become quite obvious lately that the cats of the house have taken to following me around. Now Tigger, the cat we have had for years, has always been "my cat." By this I mean that he only listens to me, only comes out when I am around, and is never less than five feet from me at all times. If I am not home he goes into deep hiding. However, he pops out again as soon as I enter the house. In our house, to the feline population, I am clearly the Alpha Male.

If you remember back to last year, we clearly had it out for Tigger enough to bring him home a cuddly new enemy. Since moving into our new house, they have worked out the territory situation enough to become quasi-friends. Now don't get me wrong, you'll never see them entwined together taking a nap. But they will tolerate each other's presence in the same room, and can even be found eating out of the same dish at the same time once in awhile.

Unfortunately for me, this newfound friendship means that I now have TWO shadows following me around the house. They are always there. ALWAYS! I have sadly become neutral territory where they are both free to visit. We have a den where they are not allowed to be, so if I am in there they sit in the hallway outside the room. I woke up the other morning and they were both sitting on the bed staring at me. It was creepy.

The thing is, I don't often pay them much mind. I rarely pet them or play with them. They usually get on my nerves. I can't stand the shedding. I don't like them sleeping in my chair. But there they are. ALL THE TIME. The rest of the family would gladly give them all the attention they desire, but they don't care. They would rather tail me all day long. No wonder my family has taken to calling me "The Cat Whisperer."


Sitting in Silence said...

New to your blog here....
I also heard that Cats do this....

Good luck with your two shadows !!


tz said...

From the other side...I bought the dog, I feed the dog, I love on the dog...hubby --who did NOT want the dog gets her love and affection!