Mar 26, 2008

super bug

I have some kind of sickness thing and I just can't shake it. It must be Super Bug, or Pneumonia or Bird Flu or something. (I'm clearly over-diagnosing myself - it's a joke, people!) I caught this in Florida where the only people on vacation were us and a bunch of Europeans. So I blame Europe. I have some crazy Mad Cow kind of uncurable overseas disease.

So it goes like this - I feel fine, then I get the sniffles, then I can't breath, then I am too weak to stand and a little nauseated. Then I sleep for two days straight and feel better for a few days and then start the cycle all over again. I want off this ride cause I'm getting dizzy.

Meanwhile, I am still hanging in there with school. Because one of my courses meets in four hour blocks it ends earlier in the semester than the other courses. We had our final last night. If I didn't get a B+ or an A in this course I will be surprised. So all is well on that front. Now I am working on a group project for another class. I hate group projects. They are such a waste of time. I'm sure all of you teachers out there can justify why this is a necessary exercise, and I'm sure your points are valid - But I still don't like it, and find it to be a great waste of MY time. Unfortunately though, sometimes you just have to play the game, so to speak. Six or so more weeks to go!!


Bridget said...

i think you gave me your bird flu! i feel like i got run over by a truck. i've got this annoying cough and this weird gagging. it's all your fault! ha ha.

tosin said...

Always happy to share! That's what friends are for.

This thing has been going around the office so much we are thinking about notifying the CDC of the epidemic.

Martha said...

Oh my...hope you feel better soon!