Apr 28, 2008

two askew can work for you

I would like to thank everyone who was able to attend the recent bi-annual meeting of Two Askew Publishing. Its seems that momentum has really been gathering, and there is quite a bit of buzz out there for our upcoming publication. Sadly, our initial release date has been pushed out a bit due to some delays in our Research and Development department. It turns out that "living the formula" is going to be a crucial element to the book's success, and it seems that some people are resisting their natural inclination to adopt this mantra. In addition, we have unfortunately been made aware of some possible copyright infringement which is being handled by our legal team.

Beta testing has provided us with some promising results, and we are proud to announce that we have received our very first testimonial! This beta tester has gladly agreed to be included in our national infomercial, and is currently in negotiations with our PR group to see if she will be a good fit for our Design Team. On that note, please remember everyone that applications are now being accepted for the TIARATA Design Team. Because of the overwhelming response we have received, we have had to restrict the entry guidelines. You will now need to submit an album showing how the formula is applicable to all of your photo needs along with a brief essay describing how living the formula has worked for you.

Finance has predicted that the profit margin will be enormous, and that the aftermarket potential will be endless. We are already projecting an Advanced Formula book, as well as anticipating various product line and seminar opportunities. It is not too soon to become an investor, please contact our Sales and Finance team for more information.

Thanks again to the J-Team for their contributions and endless dedication. Without them Two Askew would not be possible.

In conclusion, I just want to again remind you that Two Askew can work for you.
You can try One Straight, but it won't be that great.
Three in a Row, and Two Askew. Don't think, just do.


Meg said...

I saw a typo on your announcement. It should be TiaraTaTa. I should be an editor on the team. I am an M, afterall.

Patty said...

Since I admire your scrapping work so much, I am willing to convert to the two askew theory just on your say so.

mfear said...

So disappointed the release date has been pushed out. That is a most difficult and challenging formula - I need clear and concise directions and examples.

gaye said...

Oh, puhlease....that's all I have to say. Putting off publishing is "such" a cop-out.

gaye said...
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amy said...

OMG - I am rolling.

Shirley in NJ said...

aHEM, Meg!! I've already applied and been accepted for the position of Editor. AND...through the proper channels too, Princess!


I think you're just going to have to remain Princess A-skew-ette! LOL