May 16, 2010


Oh my goodness - I have a blog!!  I forgot for a minute.........  Oh well, here I am again.   I don't even have anything to say.  I just figured I better check in.  I see that I left you with some lovely snow to look at.  I guess I should be about changing that.  Maybe a project for next week. 

I am blown away lately at how fast things change.  And how people change.  And also how much some people NEVER change.  I am an astute observer - I notice every little detail about things.  A question was recently posed about whether one is or is not a diva.  I think I can be.  Because I am always noticing everything, I am painfully aware when things are out of place or not as they should be.  I don't always feel it necessary to comment, and I actually think I do not advocate as much as I should for some things, but I am always aware.  I always notice.

In contrast to that, or maybe because of it, I have been moving around in a bit of a numb state.  Trying to detox, to shed the old skin, and grow into the next phase.  Not sure where that is leading me at the moment, but feeling the shift and leaning into it all the same.

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Christy said...

Lean into it girl- one door slams and another one opens. And yes, you are a diva. I wouldn't have it any other way. :)