Jan 7, 2006


Growing up my life was entirely nomadic. I don't think my parents would have stayed in one place if they were giving away houses for free. They still don't stay in one place very long. I don't have a home town. When people ask me where I'm from, I don't even have an answer.

But here's the kicker - Now I'm doing it too. And I absolutely hate it. DD was talking to me today about changing schools. It breaks my heart. I told her what it was like for me. And she seemed fine about it. And she probably is. But I'm the one who's falling to pieces about the whole thing. Cause I've been there. And I don't care about this "whole new adventure" line of crap that people feed you. Moving is hard. Change is hard. And that's the cold, hard truth of it.

I wish I knew that things were going to be different for my kids than they were for me. But it's probably a lie. So far things have been exactly the same. Passing down the same crosses to bare from generation to generation.

I so hope that I will be able to break the cycle, because this isn't the way things were supposed to be. We have had to make hard decisions based on our circumstances. But I will do everything I can to put things right and make them better. It's all that I can do.


Jtoewe said...

In spite of the way you feel, I am sure you are making the best decisions for your family. I know how much we hate it when we think we are making the same mistakes as our parents.

tlpoteat76 said...

I never imagined I would move as much as I have since meeting my hubby. The funny thing is, my DD doesn't even miss her last school, but terribly misses the one in NY--to the point that she cries about it. You never know how your child will handle the move (or yourself, for that matter).