Feb 25, 2006

latte withdrawal

Well, I am now back in the land of Dunkin Donuts, and after not having my simple coffee for so long I can now safely say that I have OD'ed on the stuff. And in the process I have completely abandoned my ol' standby treat - Starbucks lattes. The thing is, they are usually just something that I have as a treat now and then, but without an alternative all that time I had taken to drinking them on a regular basis. To the point of being tired of them. (What did I just say???) So I haven't even had one since I've been back. Tragedy. But now that I've realized it, I will have to make a point of rectifying the situation tomorrow. And from what I've read from some of you there are new exciting flavors for me to try. Can't wait!!

By the way, I got off my sorry butt and made those cookies with my kids. And they are amazing! So soft and yummy! Trust me, you'd want one (or two or seven). And we had fun making them. So sloth like behavior has come to an end. We have errands to run and people to visit this weekend which should keep me moving.

And besides, I'll have a warm, steamy latte to keep me going.
Ahhhhh. Divine.

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