Mar 1, 2006

a window into my world

We have a curtain dilemma. We have been trying to figure out what to put where and have it mostly figured out except for one room. I finally found some at Target (Tar-Jay) but they only had enough for one window (there are two in the room). A couple was in the aisle scooping up the rest before I could get my hands on them (I contemplated wrestling them to the ground and snatching them away from them, but decided otherwise at the last second..... ). I looked them up online and found them on their website, but for some reason the order was not processing properly. I searched the site for a phone number to give them a call - and it was nowhere to be found. I tried calling stores in the area. The first one was insisting that I give him some product number that did not exist on the website that I was looking at. Hey - maybe that is why the order was not going through properly. He wanted to know what brand I was looking at - it just said Tar-Jay Home. What else does it say? he asked. Nothing else. I am holding the package right in front of me and I am looking at the website at the same time. I am not a moron I wanted to tell the 16 year old clerk, but I'm sure it wouldn't have helped. I gave it up with him and decided he was never going to find them even if they had a pile of them at his feet, so I thanked him for his (non-existent) effort and hung up. As I called around from store to store I at least learned that they were on clearance and that their inventory system was not going to show if they are on the shelves or not, so unless I start driving store to store I will never know for sure whether or not they really have any. Eventually I decide to ask one of these stores for the number for the website people, since they are still showing in stock online, but my order is still not going through. After a transfer and a lovely wait on hold, they finally gave it to me. I call, and the first girl I get wants to know my order number so she can help me. I don't have one, that is why I'm calling I tried to explain to her. She actually told me that she would not be able to place my order over the phone, that she would need my password (I don't have one, but whatever). So you're telling me you can't take orders??? What exactly do you do then, since your phone number is more closely guarded than the Colonel's secret recipe and you DON'T. TAKE. ORDERS??? I just hung up on her in frustration, and called right back. This time I got a competent person who was more than happy to take my order, but she let me know that the curtain is on clearance, and out of stock, that the website was not properly updated. Thanks. Can you tell me which stores may have some in stock? Sure, and she transfers me. The next gentleman took my info and gave me a reference number, and transfers me. AGAIN. This person tells me which stores have them (starting at 30 miles away, and going out). 'Kay thanks. So I call the stores to verify, and they say they don't have them.


So for now I am stuck with the one set for one window and that's it. I haven't been able to find anything else that matches yet. I know that I'm going to have to return the ones I have and find something else.... but ugh!! I'm sick of the whole thing and am about to just tack a sheet up there and call it a day.


Veronica in Aus said...

Customer service at its best. Ugh! You poor thing :( Yeah, tack up the sheets and call it done ;)

Pamela Lynn ~ flutterby7 said...

What's the curtain look like? We are there at least once a week (Okay more like two or three times). I would gladly pick a second curtain up for you and mail it.