Mar 6, 2006


Our dear friend's cousin was starring in a play, so we went and saw it yesterday with them. We had so much fun! DD was absolutely cracking up - it was hysterical! She has reached the age where she can really enjoy these kinds of things and gets the jokes. Afterwards we grabbed a bite to eat, hung out, and talked forever. When we got to the restaurant there was a bit of a wait because there was a basketball game down the street that day and people were in a huge rush to eat and get to the game. We didn't mind waiting because it gave us a chance to talk, and when we were seated the service was better as the place had thinned out considerably. The food is always good there, and they brew their own beer which I like. It was a great time.

This weekend we are having dinner with my best friend and her family. Her husband is an amazing cook - everything he makes is absolutely delicious. It is always a pleasure to eat at their place. I am supposed to bring dessert and am at a complete loss as to what to make. Have any good ideas? We'll be packing pjs for the kids when we go. They always love it - like a pseudo-sleepover. Our kids don't see each other enough so it is always a treat for them. It sorta reminds me of when I was a kid when my parents would visit friends. We would get to play with our friends until late into the night, which was so special for us.

Usually every year I take some kind of vacation trip with friends. Sometimes in the winter we go on a big girls' weekend (think 40 women who've left the boyfriends and husbands and kids at home) to a ranch or resort and spend our days skiing, sledding, horseback riding, and playing winter sports - and at night we get our party on. We cram a lot of good times into these trips. I'd tell you about it, but what happens on Go Girl Weekend, stays on Go Girl Weekend, right girls? (Not really, ask me and I'll show you the pics!) We usually have to drag our exhausted selves home and face reality when it's done, but it's always worth it. In the summer we have taken a lot of camping trips that have just been wonderful. DH's friends are die hard hikers, so I gracefully bow out of the hikes if I can, but I still love to camp. I always camped with my family growing up, and love to continue the tradition with my kids. Last year was so complicated that I wasn't able to take any trips, but I am really hoping that this year we will be able to work something out.

It is so nice to be home and to spend time with my friends again. I had truly missed these little moments and cherish that I have them back. DD was on the phone with her BFF the other day, and was telling her that without her around that things just weren't the same. Yeah. I know what she means. And I agree. It's good to be back!!


Pamela Lynn ~ flutterby7 said...

I'm glad you are back too. Missed your updates.

Meg said...

Well Toe-Amy, I'm thinking that this coming weekend is the perfect weekend to have a Go Girls Weekend (in Elizabethtown PA of course!). Seriously, consider driving down here tomorrow and spending the weekend with me, and Julia and Patti. Oh yeah and my kids and hubbie. Whaddya say???

your best friend and her family said...

"PSUEDO" isn't that an 80's song. psue...psue...psuedeo. And Michael says "psuedo-retard" :)