Nov 29, 2006

thanksgiving wrap up

I had a GREAT holiday.
I hope yours was the same.

I spent time with my family, saw some of them that I haven't spent time with in awhile, which was very nice. (My cousin slightly objected to being called "a myth," but it had seriously been awhile!)

We shopped until we literally dropped in true Black Friday fashion. We didn't have anything that we NEEDED, so the pressure was off. We could just relax and enjoy the crazies out there. (At a decent hour - NOT 5am!)

I didn't cook this year, so I am not enjoying the usual leftovers. I kinda miss them.... I may have to make a turkey dinner one of these weekends just for kicks.

I was sad when everybody left.... Why are we all so far away???
You know it is a good visit when you miss them before they are even gone.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!!!!

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