Dec 4, 2006

open letters


Britney and Paris:
We get it. Now STOP.

Lindsay Lohan's Mom, Dina:
It's called
ANONYMOUS for a reason.
Stop blabbing your daughter's business all over the tabloids for money.
And PS... You're not as young or famous as you'd like to think.

I haven't been feeling so well lately.
I think I'm becoming a bit lactose intolerant?

You make the work day less monotonous.
The week you were gone everyone thought I was in a coma.
Don't leave me again!

STOP playing Dominic the Donkey.
That song is funny exactly ONE time per year.
Nothing more than that.

I tried to hate you, but I just can't.

My Readers:
Is anybody out there?
Drop me a comment.
It encourages me to write more.

Peace out.


Stacy said...

LOL!! I haven't heard Dominic the Donkey this year. But I'm boycotting a certain North Texas station because I KNOW I'll hear "Christmas Shoes" a million times if I tune in. So I just won't. :)

tz said...

wandered over here from the chang gang blog. love the way you write, enjoyed reading your blog!

Bridget said...

i love that you love myspace!!! ha ha ha ha... (evil laughter).

Martha said...

I'm here. And although I have nothing spectacular to comment on...I don't want to be accused of being a stalker who doesn't comment! Keep writing...please...

tosin's favorite sister said...

I'm out here!!
I don't think Dominic the Donkey is EVER ok. But you knew that.
Keep blogging it gives me something to do at work.