Apr 18, 2007

faux hawks and crying girls

So, just when I thought it would NEVER be safe to go back in the pool.....

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I was starting to worry there for a second that the producers were just going to sit by and let it happen. I mean, come on! I think we all know that judges and votes are arbitrary on these types of shows. The whole thing is just meant to be entertainment, and of course to sell Coke and Cingular phones, isn't it?

The sad part is, I had actually developed such a complacent attitude about the whole thing that I was starting not to care who went home anymore. I mean, what difference did it really make? I was actually laughing at the idea that Lakisha was going to go home this week. And then there she was in the bottom two. I mean, seriously. This whole season has been such a joke.

And I think that's the problem. It's all fun and games and cutesy at first. It gets people talking. Every year I wait for the fluke, overrated, under-talented kid to go home. Every year. (John Stevens, anyone?) But this year was starting to make no sense. Short shorts, and pretty faces, and big eyes, and faux hawks were winning out over talent. We all know that this show is about a lot more than just singing ability, but I truly think that their reputation and integrity were starting to come into question more and more each week.

So I was not too surprised to hear the announcement at the end of the show that he was finally going home. (And no, I doubt that votes were likely the only deciding factor.) Who cares? Ding, dong... the freak is dead. And then he cried like a little girl (you know... like the one from the audience when he sang "You Really Got Me.")

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What can I say? I may secretly miss him a little. I had already written this season off with all its wackiness anyways. And besides, the kid's got guts. After all, not just anyone can pull of all of this.....

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