Apr 26, 2007

tales of the bobblehead

When you are a smart@ss, it seems inevitable that you are going to raise smart@ss kids.

Throughout football season, Burger King was giving out bobble head dolls of the Burger King in various football poses. My lovely children, much to my dismay, had acquired several of these creepy King replicas. They, of course, thought the commercials with this over the top peeping Tom to be oh so hilarious. I personally don't like the King. I just don't understand why this guy is breaking into people's homes to bring them breakfast sandwiches. It's just not normal.

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when I woke up one morning with one of those little bobbling King dolls resting peacefully on my pillow, staring me straight in the face. After I stop screaming I hear giggling from outside the door. Followed by the question, "What's the matter Mama? Did you "Wake up with the King?"

Ah well. At least they have a good sense of humor.


Bridget said...

Ha ha ha. Those crazy kids!!! The Burger King is so creepy I don't know how you sleep at night after that. But it is hysterical!!!

Oluwaseyi said...

Aren't you the one that put it next to me when I slept over at your house? Smart@ss!

tosin said...

If I have to Wake up with the King, then so do you!!

Gee, I wonder where they get these things from???

tz said...

that's pretty cute! love kids and the things they do, especially when you can't call them on it because you do it too!