Nov 20, 2009


It seems I am a statistic.

I was laid off last week.  Truth be told, I was totally pissed off for several reasons.  This was a decision completely within the owner's control, and if he was half the stand up guy he claims to be, he would have had the decency to wait until after the holidays.  There is no way that the company was so out of money that they couldn't afford to pay me the three more paychecks it would have taken to get me to 2010.

Furthermore, I was sold a faulty bill of goods.  Swampland in Florida.  I left the security of my previous job for growth and opportunity and was left with neither.  The recession was out of his control.  The poor decision making and lack of follow through along the way was not.

And now that that whining is over........

I have spent this week not being very productive, and not getting many of my to do items accomplished.  I have gotten my share of extra sleep and found that there really is not anything good on tv.

But that is over, and now it is time for me to begin to move on.  Thanksgiving is here, and I am hosting.  I need to get the house company clean, and babyproof for the busy little two year old who will be spending some time here.

It's funny, I am always given a good dose of family right when I need one.

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Ralph said...

Welcome to the club - membership has it's privileges, not too many, but some. When I was given the "80% salary cut speech" I too was speechless - and pride you on your ability to limit your rant to a paragraph. Don't let time be your enemy, get out of the house and away from the computer once a day too - and a fun game is to count how many times you hear "It will get better" on any given day. Two is a great age - have fun.