Jan 3, 2010

this is my time

A new year has started, and it seems the overall opinion has been good riddance to 2009, and welcome 2010.  I can't say that I disagree.  The year was certainly filled with its fair share of personal struggles and challenges that I am glad to leave in the past.

In  order to see things in a better light, this is also the end of a decade. When looking at the larger chunk of time, things were not so bad.  My family has still had struggles and challenges, but they have mostly made us stronger and better equipped to handle the new challenges we face. 

I am still unemployed, and apprehensive and nervous about how it will play out.  I am trying to approach it as an opportunity to make changes for the better.  Hopefully I will receive the support I need to do so, and more importantly have the strength regardless of the support.

The past decade has included our wedding, births, deaths, the purchase of our first home, sacrifice, reward, and the shift from entering adulthood to settling into ourselves. 

If asked then where I would be today, I know I thought I would be more settled and secure than I am.  Now I wonder if that will ever be the case.  I was so much more carefree back then and always had a good time, but made bad decisions that have followed me.  Fortunately, I also made some good ones that are also still with me.

Overall, I am hopeful and excited that this next decade will be our time.  I had a mentor once counsel me strongly to examine what it is I truly cherished in life, and to make it my reality.  This is my time.  THIS  IS MY TIME.

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