Mar 22, 2011

love me 4: dreams - words of wisdom

dreams - words of wisdom

To the Lights of My Life~

It is hard to put in words the dreams I hold for you in my heart.  There is so much and it is so big.

I wish for you happiness.  Pure unadulterated joy.

I wish to protect you from the evils the world holds.  But also that you may have the power and strength to always be protected.

I wish that you experience true love.  True partnership.  That you are cherished.

I wish that you know your path and know success.

I dream that you will have more love and laughs and friends and happiness than your hearts and hands can hold.


1 comment:

Cyn M said...

I LOVE this! You mad me tear up because it is exactly what I wish for my kidlets....
Thanks for sharing