Mar 14, 2011

love me 3: dreams unrealized

Dreams Unrealized........... *sigh*

I don't love this prompt.  I spend enough time worrying about this as it is.

I guess the biggest one is being successful in school and work.  I am really just starting to wrap my mind around exactly why this particular dream was never realized.  It seems pretty simple.  Go to school.  Get a job.  Learn.  Grow.  Become successful. 

Part of me is such a go getter, and that part just cannot comprehend the part of me that is not and didn't achieve the goal.  I will never truly be comfortable with it.

I'm just not who I was supposed to be.  But eventually, that will just have to be okay.



Just Me said...

Everyday I live through this also. How in the hell did I end up here? So many times, I wonder why didn't I follow mine and why have I given up so much time in my life taking care of everyone else and their dreams? Why do I worry about what anyone else would think? I don't know. I went to school. I got a job. Did all the "supposed to do's." Still, I feel stunted and false. Now, I don't have time to grow. I have my kids growth to worry about. I hope I am able to teach them to do what I never did for myself. Someday, I'll be comfortable in my own skin. I hope.

tz said...

I think I'm more afraid to follow my dreams because if I fail at what I really want that would feel insurmountable! Rather, I do what is practical and really do like it and dream about the other -- other things I don't dare even tell others I dream about...

but i know these are the choices i made for various and important reasons....

and hopefully, like your other commenter said so well, i will be "comfortable in my own skin"

great post