Jan 22, 2011

love me 2: dreams flashback

Dear Future,

Childhood dreams are such powerful things.  In a way, they are what shape your life, what guides your future.  When you are a child you can really open up your mind and explore without limits.  A child's imagination knows no limits.

When I was a child, I imagined a whole life for myself.  I was going to be a famous actress.  I was going to get married and have a baby girl named Samantha Harrington.  (I guess I was going to have to marry someone with the last name of Harrington.)  I was going to be rich and famous and happy.

Or sometimes I imagined that I would be a famous archeologist.  I was going to travel to a remote location and spend my day uncovering artifacts in a big dig.  I would find a new undiscovered type of dinosaur.

Sometimes I dreamed that I would be a famous writer.  I would spend my days sitting on the beachside writing in my journals.  Always writing by hand to preserve authenticity.  That dream progressed into wanting to be a journalist.  I wanted to write articles for a large newspaper.  I actually started college as a journalism major.  This was right as the OJ scandal hit, and after watching weeks of coverage, I decided I never wanted to spend my life camped outside an alleged murderers house.

At one point I really wanted to be a successful businesswoman.  I wanted to break through all of the glass ceilings and be the person in charge of a company.  I imagined that I would live in Boston, and work on the top floor of a tall building with a huge office with giant windows overlooking the city.

Sometimes I really miss that ability to dream without bounds, to imagine without limits. 



Martha said...

What a thoughtful post.....I'm sitting here reflecting on what dreams looked like when we are at different stages of our life. these days, I dream about the relaxing retirement hubby and I will enjoy, surrounded by our sons, their perfect wives and a couple grandchildren (but that part of the dream I"m really not in any hurry to experience). The theme of the dream may change...but keep looking forward..and imagining the possibilities!

tz said...

I too think that the dreaming is still there, if no more muted and realistic.
I am also dreaming about retirement...the earlier the better

Anonymous said...

I did it, I had that office over Boston and was a female executive. Do you know what I want more than ever...a family like you have, beautiful daughters. I gave birth to money and success, you gave birth to beauty and wonder and unconditional love. The grass is always greener...