Jan 5, 2011

new year's non-resolution goals

I don't really believe in New Year's Resolutions.  It is just a game people play in January, forgotten by February.  I would however, like to make a few goals.  Goals are good.  They keep a person motivated.

1.  Continue with my weight loss.  I lost about 35 pounds in 2010.  Hard fought pounds they were.  Coming off IVF did not make this any easier.  Hormone fluctuations trip out my whole system.  I took control of things in about September, and have been losing a couple pounds a week.  My plan is to just keep chugging along this way.  Nothing radical, just steady forward progress.

2.  Pay off some debt.  I wish finances were a little easier for us, but they just aren't.  I just want to get a better handle on things this year.  Maybe not make each time I go to pay bills so scary.  I have made some cuts this week to our expenses, and have a plan for the next six months.  With some support, I think this can be doable.

3.  Enjoy family time.  We had some fantastic bonding last year, and I want to keep this going.  We had some great vacations, enjoyed some extracurricular activities together, spend time crafting together.  I just want to keep the good vibes going.

4.  Go back to church.  We found an excellent church.  I have just been lazy about going.  I need to get back into the habit.  My heart is telling me this every week.

5.  Nuture my friendships.  Often I feel people base their opinion of me on the mistakes I've made or who I used to be and not on who I am now.  If they spent some time with me now, maybe they would see.  Maybe they wouldn't, and those friendships weren't meant to be.  But I can tell you this, I need more people willing to reach out to me, and I am willing to reach out in return.  I need a friend I can meet for coffee.  Someone who thinks of me when they have nothing to do or are looking for someone to shop with or to see a movie with or to make plans with on a weekend.  Someone to talk to.

6.  Continue to work on improving my health.  I have seen every doctor and they have run every test.  There is still more to do.  My immune system needs help!  They are getting closer, and every visit makes me feel like there may be some answers soon.  I am just going to keep doing what I need to, and follow all of their instructions.  Fingers crossed.

So those are my goals.  What are yours for 2011?


Martha said...

I've got a great idea for #5 but it would totally screw up #2. We formed a coffee club about 2 years ago: without fail, some of us meet up on Wednesdays for coffee and "free therapy". We'd love to have you hop on a plane and join us...though it would totally mess with the debt resolution. But, yep, sharing a cup of Joe with friends is the best therapy out there (and nobody has to clean their house!) good Luck with your changes!

Bridgey Widgey said...

Yipee for New Years Goals! I came up with 11 of them for 2011 (b/c I'm a dork like that). 3 out of 6 of yours are on my list as well.