Jan 17, 2011

project love me: idream

I came across an interesting project to write more about myself and allowing those around me to learn more about who I am.  It is actually intended to be a scrapbook challenge, but for me, my writing has become my scrapbook for now, so I will be doing it here.  I can't promise 100% success, but I am going to give it my best.

It is called Project Love Me and the details can be found here:  Love, Me

The first prompt is iDream, and is a letter about my current hopes and dreams.........
Dear Friends,

Hopes and dreams are so important to who a person really is.  Over the last several years I think it is part of myself that I have really lost.  Part of that is because of all the dreams that have never been fulfilled, and part of it is the realization of all the dreams that will never come to be.  I think I have developed a bit of a beaten spirit, and it is not something that I am particularly proud of.

One of my dreams is financial stability.  There are some things that have gotten in the way of that, things I cannot change now, but I always thought things would and should be easier by now.  I look forward so much to the day when this is a reality.

Simply enough, I wish I had a housekeeper!  Truth is, I am just not good at it.  I don't like to do it.  And I hate when it isn't done.  If someone could just sweep in once a week and do the dirty work (kitchen, bathroom, dusting, floors) DANG!  Life would just be so much easier!

I dream of good times with friends filled with laughter and smiles and sharing and hugs and talking and caring about each other.  I dream of having friends and best friends.

Another dream is to see my children succeed.  Their success in all aspects of their lives just brings me such pride and joy.  Sometimes it is because of me and sometimes in spite of me.... but they are better people than I could ever be.  I am so happy to see them shine!

I dream that I will find the day when I am finally healthy and happy and have energy and happiness and joy.  I have spent so long in pain and feeling tired that I have almost forgotten what is like not to be this way.  There must be some glimpse of it in my mind though, because it is what reminds me that this is not a normal way to live.  I dream of the day when this is not my normal anymore.

I dream of growing old with my husband, traveling the world with him and enjoying each other's company, watching our grandchildren grow up, and retiring to our home on the Cape to live out our days watching the tide grow in and out.  That is my ultimate dream..........


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Christy said...

Oh Miriam- I'll admit to some tears here for you, my friend. I miss you. You write so well............