Jan 18, 2011

love and laughter with zappos

I was window shopping on zappos (yes, I online window shop, but this isn't about that....) and I was looking at this shoe:

Do you think they are cute?  I am looking for a comfortable and sensible pair of mom shoes to go with my new mom car and mom lifestyle.  (Ugh - I can feel I am over the hill on this transition and there seems to be no looking back now.)

Well, if you shop online much (window or otherwise) you will notice they often provide you some suggested items on the side of the screen based on your viewing history.  So, what about that pair of shoes up there do you think made zappos think I might be interested in this beauty???

Yowzas, Zappos!!!  

You know, I was beginning to think we were at the start of a beautiful friendship.  You were doing so well what with the free shipping and easy returns and all.  I thought you knew me!  And then you drop this bomb?!

I'm going to give you another chance, Zappos.  But mostly because I appreciate your sense of humor.  Besides the unnatural association made above, there is always what drew me to you in the first place........


Christy said...

Yowza. Not even pre-baby hips could wear those suckers! My Zappos order arrives tomorrow. :)

Brid-jet said...

I like those black shoes...with the right pants/jeans I think they would be cute. As for those leggings...can you buy me them for my birthday??? Ooooooof!

tosin said...

Bridge - I guess I know what to get you now for your Friendaversary!!