Oct 18, 2005


I decided to treat myself to Starbucks today. This is the same place that I would refuse to enter not so long ago because I found the whole ordering process so daunting. (BTW, thanks Beth for showing me the ropes!) And all I ever really wanted anyways was a cup of caffeine to get the day moving which was easy, cheap, and not embarrassing to order at the good ol' Dunkin Donuts that can be found on every corner.

It wasn't until after I had ordered my "grande nonfat toffee nut latte" today that I realized that I had become one of those dreaded Starbucks people that I despised. Ugh.

But boy was it tasty!

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Duchess said...

HI there!
I ran into your blog by using the "Next" button.
I like what Im reading, you seem awesome.
And ya, Starbucks people are great!
I am converting to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf tho.