May 19, 2006

i heart tivo

Have I told you about Tivo?

Oh man. Tivo is my new best friend. In a "sneak-out-of-class-and-go-smoke-cigarettes-in-the-courtyard" kind of way. I mean, it's lots of fun but probably not that good for you. I'm not sure exactly what DH was thinking when he brought this little man into our home. Surely he could have predicted that I would soon be having a love affair with our new houseguest. I mean, all the signs were there. My addictive personality, my willingness to watch whatever reality crap they put on the airwaves..... So really, it was only a matter of time.

The problem with Tivo is that not only are we watching the shows we always watched, we are now watching tons of shows we would never have watched before. Hey- just Tivo it! We can watch it later.

One big issue with the Tivo is that it makes you pick your favorite child. I have to prioritize which shows will record over others if there is a conflict. Which, if you enjoy any show being aired on ABC or CBS, you will discover creates conflicts quite often. Or sometimes, like tonight, the President is on and screws up the whole lineup. Which forces me to have to pay attention. Heaven forbid.

And heaven forbid we watch a show live anymore. I'd rather watch it a bit later so I can zoom through the commercials. Commercials are for sissies! Only losers have to be subjected to them! (See, Tivo is making me jaded.) We have even made up our own Tivo language for it. Cause heaven forbid we forget and watch 2.76 nanoseconds of a commercial - "Hey! Bloop it! You are going to lose your remote priviledges!"

Right now I have a week's worth of reality tv finales, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, and as many edited 'TBS lite' episodes of Sex and the City as the remaining space will hold. And somewhere in there are some cartoons for the kids and some sci-fi stuff for DH. (After all, he bought it... we have to let him record the occasional Stargate episode here and there...)

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MegaZone said...

Have you put the TiVo on your home network yet? That opens up another world - music and photos, online content, TiVoToGo, etc. Things like and TiVo's default content from Yahoo, Live365, and Fandango...

If you haven't, check it out.