May 13, 2006


There is just so much random bad stuff going on right now, that I just have to stop every now and then and take the time to be thankful for all the good stuff. I have so much and I know it. I'm lucky. Happiness, love, friends, family, health - these are all things with which I have been blessed. It is amazing really that no matter how much I screw things up or let things go that these things always remain constant for me.

Mother's Day was great. My family was kind enough to stretch it into a weekend - they pampered me the whole time. I slept late, got breakfast in bed, and sat by and watched while DH and the kiddos cleaned up the house. What more could I ask for? I got a gift certificate for a spa day, which I can't wait to use. Perhaps I will schedule it around my haircut, which is the week of my birthday. I can start the new year (or should I say decade?) off right - looking good and feeling relaxed.

I am still settling in to my new schedule. DH is going all out of his way to help. He has really been going the extra mile. He spoils me in those simple every day kind of ways (like doing the dishes...). Again, I'm lucky, and I know it.

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bff said...

Those guys have a way of showing they care in an odd way, don't they??? But they know when we need it. And the little guys learn quick too. T#1 said one day..."Mom, are you rich in your heart?" I said, "I am now!!" And T#2 doesn't do kisses and he kissed me the other day and said "Don't tell anyone, but that's for Mother's Day" They know how to make our hearts sing!!!

Don't forget you have friends to lean on too!!!!