May 2, 2006

permission slip ups

I feel like I have hit the jackpot this year.

We have finally landed a teacher who understands what a mother who procrastinates is all about, and knows how to handle it.

She is the best. No, really. She. Is. The. Best!

After sending my DD to school today with a stack of paperwork that needed to be returned at about o'two-weeks-ago thirty, I had a sinking feeling that I should just call and see what else I had missed. Turns out that she can still go on the field trip, but I will need to send in the ten dollars. And grandma can still come to Grandparents' Day, as long as she brings her own lunch. Speaking of lunch, if DD plans to eat again soon, I should probably go ahead and send in the lunch money check. Also, it would be just fabulous if I could send in her homework folder. And the replacement homework folder that we also seem to be holding hostage.

Mmm hmm.

All with a straight face.

Cause if I had to deal with parents like me, I would strangle them.

Of course, this is the same teacher who held a conference appointment open for me (cause I never returned the form) and called to let me know when it was, AND called to confirm when she never heard back from me about it. Twice. Until she finally spoke with me directly.

Saint, I tell ya.

For her sake, I wish I could just sign a blanket form at the beginning of the year just giving my permission. For whatever.

"Dear School,
DD has my permission to participate. Period. Please send me a monthly statement telling me how much, and when to pick her up."

And heaven help them... next year they'll both be going to school there.

That is, if I ever turn in the paperwork to register her.

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Pamela Lynn ~ flutterby7 said...

Gotta love a good teacher. Why can't they just keep the same teacher for all school years... The kid would know the teacher and vice versa and the teacher would know the parents...

Thanks for the vote of confidence in my layouts today... Sorry to burst your bubble about the transitions in the car.