Jun 6, 2006

birthday magic

So my birthday weekend was a blast. I started out on Friday night with my two best friends meeting me at my house for a little birthday toast. BFF's DH couldn't make it, but he totally delivered on the ingredients for yummy kool-aid shots. And BFF mixed 'em up like a pro. Dee-lish!! After that we met up with a few more friends for a nice dinner, and then we headed out. We had a great time - danced, laughed, and partied just like we used to. Ok, well not REALLY like we used to.... we're not nearly as young, desperate, or naked as the majority of people I saw out that night.... but that's completely fine with me. *grin*

The next day I went out and treated myself to a FRAPPUCCINO, which was incredibly delicious and incredibly overdue. I hadn't stepped foot into my beloved Starbucks the entire time I have been back home, so it was like reuniting with an old friend. I relished every sip. (And went back for another one this week too!) I had a mani/pedi while sipping away on my java chip frap.... DIVINE!

When I arrived home my family had gone all out decorating the house inside and out. So cute! They took me out for the most delicious and entertaining dinner we have had in a long time. It was perfect. And it was so nice to take the time to relax and enjoy each other's company.

Sunday we went to a picnic at a friend's house, where the food is always good, and the friends are always fun. It was a great time. Nobody wanted to leave.... They pretty much had to kick us out at the end of the night (or was it morning by then?).

Monday we watched the cute little parade that goes right by the front door of our house, and followed it up to the cemetary to watch the Memorial Day ceremony. It was important to us to take the time to remember those who give their time, service, lives for our freedom.

We spent the rest of the day picnicking with my family. It was quite a turnout, like I haven't seen in years. My sister brought me a beautiful necklace that she made - I was impressed! We were talking and laughing and having a relaxing day out in the sun. So nice!

DH and my sweetie kids surprised me with an iPod for my birthday. I couldn't wait to play with it. Within an hour of opening it I had already loaded it with 400 songs. (And only about half of those are BNL!!) They gave me the cutest pink case for it, and I have had it playing pretty much ever since. What a great gift! DH has really upped the gift giving this year - a spa day, the iPod.... Usually we are not much on the bigger stuff, it's not always in the budget, but I guess I've been good this year. I'll have to be sure to come up with some good ideas for him!

It was an amazing weekend - everything I could have asked for. Friends, family, good times. I am truly blessed with all that I have. Thank you to all who were able to share in the fun with me!

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Mel said...

Sounds like a great bday! I am jealous of your new ipod.. that is definetly on my list.