Jun 23, 2006


Dear Stacy--



I have been diametrically opposed to the very concept of these retro-nasty style of pants since they began inching their way into the fashion spotlight a couple years ago. I have generally detested every style of capris and crops they've been throwing at us lately. I struggle to find pants these days that go all the way down to my ankles. I mean, really. Is a full-length pant really too much to ask?? (Clearly it is, because I have been struggling to find them the past two years...)

But then, you had to go and blow it by touting not only the comfort of these pants, but the fact that they could be flattering too. Alright, fine. If you're saying they are so great, I guess I could try them. (But not Crocs. No way! Those things are Fugly!! I don't care how comfortable they are, or what hot country star wears them!!)

So, ok. I tried them on. And my fashion conscious DD said "Hey Mom! You look cool!" And I looked in the mirror and thought, "Maybe I do look a little cool." And maybe not entirely hideous. So I bought 'em. (Who am I kidding? I bought three pair!)

And now I've been wearing them all day, and they are the most. comfortable. pants. EVER. I don't want to take them off. I may even love them a little. (Ok, a lot!)

So, thanks a lot Stacy! I'm cool, comfortable, and maybe even a little bit stylish!

And it's all your fault........

A Fellow Gaucho Convert

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Stacy said...

So glad I could help!

(Try the Crocs. Go on. Just try 'em. I DARE YA!)