Oct 17, 2006

the day before tomorrow

My young one has trouble with yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Well actually, she knows that today is today, but she can't remember when tomorrow and yesterday are. There is no way to explain this without giggling. I'm pretty sure I lose her around the time I get to the part where "It is always today, and tomorrow is always the day after today and yesterday has always already happened because it was the day before today....."

I think this is why she just calls them today, the day after this, and the day before this.

I came across this today, and it reminded me of her.

The Day Before Tomorrow

The day before tomorrow
Is a very special day
And I feel that I should live it
In a happy kind of way...
Tomorrow's so mysterious
That I really can't foresee
The things that might be happening
And the way that life might be
But the Day Before Tomorrow
That's quite a different thing...
Those hours are so much closer
I can guess what they might bring...
I'd rather be a sparrow
Or a lily of the field
And just wait til God's will for me
Is finally revealed...
I'll put aside the griefs and cares --
The trouble I won't borrow
And just be glad I'm living in
The Day Before Tomorrow!

~~Jean Kyler McManus


Martha said...

Hey, I have a hard time remembering what I did yesterday and without a calendar and a pen, tomorrow is also hard to remember. She's right on to focus on just today. If we all were a bit more capable of doing that, imagine how much more happiness we'd discover, eh?

Emmy said...

Ya know, when I was little I had issue with things like the day after tomorrow and a week from whatever day. Took me *forever* to get it right :)