Oct 10, 2006

show me the funny

I surround myself with laughter.
I envelop myself in it like a warm, comfortable blanket.
Anyone who has met me in person knows that I am laughing most of the time. Sometimes it is a nervous habit, sometimes it is out of happiness, sometimes it is an inappropriate reaction to something sad, and sometimes something is just downright hilarious. But the point is, laughter flows out of my mouth probably more often than words.

As an end to this means, I like to be around people who are funny. I just don't get serious people. And quite frankly, they don't get me. I even find humor in how serious people do NOT find me funny. In fact, I'm pretty sure that much of my childhood was spent trying to get a giggle out of my father. (FYI - now that he is not responsible for my shenanigans, he finds me much more humorous. Even cracks a joke or two of his own now and then!)

When I keep to myself at work, people start seeking me out. "What's wrong? Are you ok? I haven't heard you laugh all day."
Someone actually said this to me today. I was just tired. Not really joking around much. But trust me - the ridiculousness of things that go on around me there are usually enough to propel my laughter throughout the day!

I think that laughter runs in my family. If you attend a family funeral, don't be surprised at the sounds of laughter pouring forth from the building. Yes, we are in fact working through our pain. But we do it by remembering how the person made us feel good. How they made us LAUGH.

Sometimes at the end of a good day my sides and cheeks will hurt from all the laughing. These days are my favorites. Lately I have been having these days a lot. Days surrounded by the people I love and the people who love me. Part of this, a big part of this, is because they make me laugh.

I surround myself with laughter.

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Diana Sioux said...

I want to hang out with you! I've been with way too many serious, grumpy people lately. I love laughers. I love how I am with them. I love how they make me feel happy. I love to make people laugh and that's easier when they're pre-disposed. :-) I wish we were closer to each other.