Jan 21, 2007

dear old navy

Dear Old Navy,

I appreciate a good sale as much as the next guy. Really, I do. And to be truthful, my favorite time of year to shop is in January and June when the seasons change and the big "Semi-Annual" sales are going on all over the place. I soak it up, I plan ahead, and I take full advantage. I love a deal!

But enough's enough, Old Navy. I just can't take this clearance sale anymore. I'm getting boots for $7. Tees and tanks for $1.50. Sweaters for $3. Down winter coats for $7. I am finding stuff for the whole family!

It's enough already! Why is your inventory not running out? Why do you have so many stores all over? When is this sale going to end???

My credit card is tired, Old Navy, it really is. I can't do this anymore.
We are through.

Desperately Shopping.

1 comment:

YAY ME said...

Silly girl. Shop for June and I. We have no Old Navy and we are naked!!!
I will give you my address.