Jan 3, 2007

the night owl vs. the early bird

Can a leopard change its spots?

I am and have always been a complete night owl. The later the better, I say.

Back in my day at around 10pm I would just be getting out of the shower and getting all dolled up for a late night out. My friends and I would hang out all night, grab breakfast at 2am when bars closed, drive around and cause trouble for a bit, watch the sun come up, and head home in time to grab the morning's paper off the driveway on our way in the door.
Ahhhh.... the "good ol' days."

These days I enjoy the calm, quiet time I have alone at night. It is peaceful and still and I love it. This is when I can take the time to breathe, take in the day, and enjoy my thoughts. Nobody needs anything from me then, and I can spend my time as my own. This is when I can stop and "listen" to the quiet around me. Pure bliss.

The thing is, now that I have conformed more to a traditional schedule I am feeling that it would be more beneficial to my life to forsake my late night tendencies for an earlier start to my day. Days when I manage to drag my sorry bones out of bed sooner than normal are the days that I am most productive. These are the days with less rush, less chaos.

I need to stop feeling two steps behind myself, and I think that a few extra minutes in my morning would really help.

I just don't understand it though. I mean, who are these people sipping on coffee, reading the paper, and taking in the Today Show, all while putting the kids on the bus, and still mange to make it into work ten minutes early?
How do they do it?

If you have some suggestions please let me know, because I think it is time for this night owl to become an early bird.
Heaven help me.

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