Jan 12, 2009

manic monday 150

And now for a very philosophical edition of..... the Manic Monday Meme...

If you were to name the most creative outlet that you have, what would it be?
Scrapbooking and writing. Neither of which I give enough attention to. Both of which always make me feel better about things. That's what creative outlets do, right? Anytime I can create something with my hands it makes me feel good. I was extremely gratified to create the handmade gifts I gave this Christmas.
Another creative outlet I used to have was playing music. I sold all of my instruments in a quiet moment of desperation to help my family's finances a few years ago, and it still haunts me to some degree. I know I did the right thing at the time, but it did leave a hole. I hope to bring music back into my life in some way someday.

What spot in your body would you say is the center of your emotional being?
I don't know about there being a spot in my body that is the center of my emotional being - if forced to choose I would say my gut. I have a fairly reliable intuition that has served me well in life.

What do you think is the secret to a tranquil soul?
A calm environment, a well-organized mind, self-control, and a clear conscious.

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