Sep 27, 2009


We are a family of campers who haven't been camping in waaaaaay too long.  This year, in absence of a decent camping trip, we have substituted the outdoorsy fun of tailgating.  This feeds our love of being outside in the fresh air, hanging out with good friends, eating too much yummy food, and of course - beer.  Today we joined in with about a hundred of our closest football fan friends for another tailgating good time.  It certainly did not disappoint as it was a picture perfect day.  Weather was amazing, food was great, group was entertaining, game was a blowout (in our team's favor.  Wooooo!). 

We have little cheerleaders and for the past several years have spent our fall Sundays on the sidelines supporting them.  Even so, when packing to tailgate for the first home game this season to support our alma mater, our youngest actually threw a fit about how SHE DID NOT WANT TO TAILGATE!!!  She obviously had no idea what she was being asked to do.  Now we're wearing wigs with team colors, sporting fresh sunburns, and are horse from screaming.  Good times I tell ya.  Good times.

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Christy said...

You're a scrapbooker? NO photos? Shame on you. I'm glad you had a great day! I can't wait to see you next month. I get to sit next to you and absorb all your yummy fun!