Dec 6, 2010

christmas dork

This is my favorite time of year.

I am a total Christmas dork.

It's not everyone's thing to get all excited about it and to get in the spirit, but I just love it.

Not being employed and starting to feel better has allowed me to be more on top of my game this year.  DH and I keep commenting to each other how well we are doing so far.  I made and sent out my cards, we put up the lights Thanksgiving weekend (come to think of it, not traveling that weekend gave us some extra Christmas prep time too that we are not used to having), we put up the village, and cut down and decorated the tree.

I've been listening to Christmas music nonstop.  I finally found the radio station that plays the more upbeat songs.  (That first one we were listening to was like Christmas on too much Prozac....)   I asked my youngest if the music was getting on her nerves.  She told me she would like hearing it even if it was July.  (She might just be one of us!)  She has alternate lyrics to all the songs.  Some of them are pretty hilarious.

My oldest put on the tree skirt like a real skirt and twirled around the living room.  She does this every year.  She wears her Santa hat around the house pretty frequently.  (She too may be one of us.)

DH put out the nativity and told the story like he does every year.  The funniest year was when he pulled Joseph out of the box and he was headless.  He said, "Well, that's a new twist to the story.  It's more of a horror story this year!"

The lights on the house are ridiculous, and I think they could probably guide space shuttles back to Earth with them.  I love them anyway.  The kids can see them from school.  Haha!

The new kitten has left the tree alone so far, but she keeps jumping in the village.  I am trying not to kill her.  Daughter calls her Catzilla.

We found a thing that goes in the tree that tells you when it is out of water by playing music.  Turns out there is not an off switch, so it doesn't stop until you get the water into the tree stand.  O Tannenbaum is starting to make us a little jumpy.  But we still laugh every time.  Even when it went off at 4am.

I've done most of my shopping online.  I have boxes everywhere!  I put a bin out on the porch for deliveries, and the delivery people never use it despite the LARGE sign on it stating what it is for.  Sometimes they put it on top of the bin.  We're getting closer.  They will probably get the idea just in time for Christmas day.  It's a long training process.  I need to make sure soon that I have something for everyone.  I keep feeling like I am forgetting someone.  I should make a list I guess, but I am just winging it.  I hope everyone likes what I found or made for them.  I try hard to find the right gifts for people.  It is one of my love languages.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!


Traci said...

I'm not quite on your level.. but I'm close. I adore Christmas, and for the same reason... gifting is my love language too (at least how I give love, but oddly I receive it differently) The hunt for the right gift can begin years in advance for me. I brainstorm ideas constantly, keeping a mental list of what would be perfect for peeps. And if I can't find the right gift it disappoints me terribly!

Merry Christmas back at ya!

Christy said...

I considered covering the couch with a Christmas sheet. Ack. It's bad. I'm glad you've found some calm. Leave some cookies out for the UPS man on top of a napkin with a huge arrow on it!

tosin said...

Found some packages in my bin today! Yay!!!!

I am glad there are others out there. Enjoy the holiday season!