Dec 16, 2010

fond thoughts of the library

This month I have been spending every evening sitting by the twinkling Christmas tree, Christmas music, a book or laptop.....   It has been one of my favorite places.

Another favorite place of mine is the library.  You could leave me for days there.  I love being surrounded by all the books, all the thoughts that people put down on paper and were fortunate enough to have published.  So many thoughts and ideas, so much knowledge.

I just love to wander through the aisles and browse.  I can spend forever in the fiction section, piling up a giant stack that I will never be able to finish in the allotted one month time period I will spend with them.  So many stories, I will never live long enough to enjoy them all.

The nonfiction section is its own little wonderland.  I can completely feed my thirst for knowledge there.  I wish there was a way to absorb it all more quickly.  One section leads to another and another..... so many things to know and explore.

I love to find a quiet spot in the library to sit and read.  It is so very peaceful there, which is an amazing respite in a supercharged world. 

I always preferred to study at the campus library when I was in college.  I just could feel the vibe of knowledge buzzing around me.  Sitting in the coffee shop among people on the same quest was so energizing.  Finding a quiet cubby up in the stacks was where I did my best cramming.

I haven't been lately.  It has been way too long.  Especially considering I still have that stack of fiction books.  I did finish them all this time, but I will definitely be making my annual contribution to the library fund when I take them back!

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