Dec 17, 2005

in memoriam

I lost a dear friend this week. He was amazing in ways I don't think I could even express. The words would simply not do him justice. I am particularly sad because I am away, and will not be able to attend the services. I think that some closure here would have done me some good, but unfortunately it is out of my control.

We shared a lot of things, he and I. We did a lot of our growing up together. We meshed in a way that nobody understood. We spoke our own secret language.
He got me. And I got him.
He was smart and talented.
And fun.
And funny.
And comfortable.
He was genuine.
And true.

I miss him.

"Eternal rest grant unto him, oh, Lord; and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace."

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Kris, Boris, Tory, & Kaiya said...

The biggest part of any loss is the letting go. When I lost a dear friend a couple of years ago and could not be there for the services, I had my own personal service for her and it helped me to bear the grief. It may sound a bit silly but I wept openly and got angry, and I laughed then cried some more and(cliche I know)but it helps my friend to live on in my heart. Just look at a photograph and hug them with your heart! By the way, your profile could fit me quite easily, man of dreams, wonderful kids, incomplete tasks etc....