Dec 15, 2005

sadly, more rambling

I really have nothing new to report. Just thought I'd drop in and say hi. So, hi.

My neck and back are killing me. They haven't been bothering me as much over the past few months as they were. I think I am carrying all of the stress of this week around in my neck. It's pretty awful. Some affects of that stupid accident seem to never go away.

I think I am addicted to lotion. Since the dry yucky winter weather hit, I am constantly putting lotion on my hands. Every time I wash my hands I have to reapply. Working at that store just makes it worse. That place sucks every last iota of moisture right out of your skin. When I am there I tend to just carry it around with me in my pocket. I like those sample sizes you get at Bath & Body Works. They have been on sale for $2 every time I've gone in there since summer. I probably have three or four going at a time.

I am not sleeping well. My schedule is all messed up. I have gone through this many times in the past. It takes a lot to break me out of the cycle. Maybe I can work on it after the holidays. I'd like to think I could get it under control before then, but I know that I won't.

I really want an iPod. I really can't afford one. Therefore, I will really NOT have an iPod. That sucks.

I am thinking about coloring my hair. Nothing drastic, just some highlights or something. It needs a trim anyways, so I'll see. I'll have to leave it to the professionals though. Everything I've ever put in comes out red, regardless of what the box says. I could go for a total spa day actually - haircut, color, mani/pedi, massage.... Who am I kidding. I'll be lucky if I even get the cut. Someday though.

Are you still with me? This is like the dumbest most random post yet. And you should see the stuff I deleted because it was even more dumb and random than the stuff I've left in. I will try to organize my thoughts and have some more coherent posts in the near future. Oh, the pressure.

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