Dec 5, 2005

promises kept, promises broken

Well, it's been a few days because I stupidly made all these big promises to you about how I was going to get some stuff done, and then I didn't really get the stuff done in any kind of a timely fashion and wasn't quite ready to own up to it yet, but.....

Here I am now anyways, finished or not. Cause I don't finish stuff, remember? First off, I did put out the mail. Not quite earth shattering stuff but, check, it's done. So then I set out to start my Christmas card. Which basically consisted of taking out some pictures and staring at them. I just shoved that pile off to the side before I went to bed, with no regards to the fact that I was supposed to have balanced my checkbook also. Which I still haven't done by the way. But I was able to churn out that blasted card today while watching the Bengals rightfully gain some redemption over the Steelers. So, check, the card is done too. But the poor checkbook is still quietly waiting in the wings for some long overdue attention. *sigh* Maybe tomorrow.

In other news, I kicked that scale's ass. I lost a pound this week, despite all the yummy sweet potatoes, stuffing, and pie that I have consumed. HA! Probably was a fluke or something. But I'll take it.

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