Mar 27, 2009

what happens at the end? i don't care.

I don't know if I am gaining control of my perfectionism or I am fearing my own immortality, but I have really started to embrace the idea that it's ok not to finish something. I'm not talking about the huge list of life things that go undone... I'm talking about my previously unyielding need to read a book from start to finish, watch a series from first episode to last, watch a movie from beginning to end... that kind of thing.

In the past couple weeks I have turned off two or three movies after the first hour or so, skipped around in a book I was reading, and abandoned more than a few tv shows before the end.

Yay me!! It's like getting time back in my life that would be lost otherwise!

Battling compulsions one crazy tic at a time...

What about you? Can you stop before the end, or are you compelled to finish?


Martha said...

I'm pretty good about putting down a book that is only so so, and if I can find the remote, I'm ok with changing the channel. But, it's been years since I've left a movie early. Maybe because they cost more and I don't go out that much, that I check the reviews before going to see a movie.

Catching up on blog reading this morning...interesting pondering!

agent713 said...

I to am learning to stop in the middle. If I truly don't care what happens to the characters, then there's no point in me finishing the book/movie/whatever. I get most of my materials from the library and if the due date comes and it's still not finished, I send it back. Sometimes I'll renew it, a lot of the time I don't even bother.