Oct 30, 2010


5 things you are good at........ wow.  Isn't that a tough question?  I always see and feel the weight of my faults so deeply that it is a true thought provoker.  I find it hard to be that introspectively positive about myself.  But here goes......

1.  Analysis.  I see big picture.  I see the end result, and can figure out how to get there via the most efficient route.  I have a very logically-minded thought process.

2.  Humor.  When I am not using it as my coping mechanism, people seem to find me funny.  In my head, I am usually thinking a smart remark to everything I see and hear.  I probably only articulate a third or so of what's going on in my mind.  Good grief!

3.  Quick Problem Solver.  That's not working?  Fine, try this.  Not that?  How about this?  I can adapt quickly in most situations, and can offer solutions that others might not think of.

4.  Negotiating.  I know what I want, I know what I want to spend, I know what my limits are, I know what my terms are going to be.  And I know when to walk.

5.  Reading People.  I have a gut instinct about people and their intentions that has rarely led me wrong.

What about you?  What are some things you are good at?  What are some things you think I am good at?  How we see ourselves is often so different than how others see us.  Let's talk about it!  :)

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tz said...

you do have a great sense of humor...at least here and on FB...