Oct 31, 2010

week of wacky

hurt my ankle night before my flight leaves to take care of mom who dislocated hip.
need wheelchair assistance in airport.
family fight.
family talk and make up.
can't sleep.
sleep too much.
act as lawyer for my sister.
sister acts as doctor for me.
ask underage niece to grab wine and needles from the house and meet me at the curb.
realize this is grounds for a DCF visit.
trunk flies open three times during car ride.
jump out at a red light to close said trunk.
eyebrow threading makes me look like I've been in a fistfight.
food court people assault me for my business.
spice cake is sold out at the store so I protest by throwing brownies on the floor.
everyone at the grocery is dressed in costume.
we drive around town wearing a top hat.
someone stops us to find out where to purchase said hat.
sitting in the car I receive a call from my sister on her phone directly outside the car.
meet new pets and have a pet funeral.
experience three seasons of weather.
shower with a crazy centipede.
say hello to various random strangers.
say and hear "I love you" a million times.
leave with soul restored and new perspective.

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