Jul 18, 2009

adventures in "vintage" clothes shopping

I was shopping in the Salvation Army today. We are having a retro birthday party for our friend tomorrow, and everyone is going all out with outfits and everything. (This crowd is all about the theme. Don't mess.)

So I'm wandering around in the store and I realized I didn't know how to shop there. I was in awe of the strange and wonderful way they separate the clothes. I mean, who DOESN'T need a smart pair of slacks? With a jazzy little blouse I suppose.

But please, if you EVER find me as a regular shopper in the "Elastic Waist" section, just shoot me on the spot and put me out of whatever misery I am obviously enduring.

I found a hot pink slip on shoe at the end of the shoe aisle. There was only one. I said to DH- "This is perfect! You have GOT to help me find the other shoe!" The lady working overheard and said, "Oh, I've got the other one here behind the counter. We like to keep the good ones separate like that."

Whoa. So many thoughts. I will give her a courtesy do over in determining the shoe is a "good" one. But I must also note that it cost $4 for the pair. And I never realized what a problem Salvation Army used shoe theft must be.

As we went up to pay, there was a guy at the counter on the phone checking out. I heard him say, "No man. I'm not going home. I'm picking up Sara something and then I'm going to her place for a bit." So I look down at his purchase just as the lady asks him, "Do you want a bag for that?" "No." And he grabbed up his handful of Salvation Army lingerie to take to his girl.

Yeah. Any time things are feeling rough, just remember the poor girl whose man stopped at the Salvation Army to pick her up a little something on his way over for his booty call. Yikes.

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Christy said...

Ouch. Elastic waist section? See what I miss when I shop at Value Village?