Jul 21, 2009

random thoughts by me in this exact moment in time

I am feeling more than just a little compelled to write, and have some things I want to talk about, but not finding the capability to formulate my thoughts into words. Thus, consider this a return to my stream of consciousness posting.

It wasn't until within the last year that I really understood the depth that I do not stand up for myself. It is a struggle, anxiety producing, stomach turning exercise for me. I wonder if I will ever be truly capable of being effective at it.

I miss my babies. They are out with Nana and PopPop, and I feel like this big hole with them gone. Still living it up as only I can do, but miss them with an indescribable ache.

In the meantime I am redocorating the house, having wild parties, and getting tattooed. That's me being me.

I think my inability to start taking off some of this weight is mental. I just can't pinpoint the exact thing that's blocking me.

I love argyle socks.

If I could buy a pill that prevented my cats from shedding, I would do it instantly and pay almost any price.

Also, can someone explain to me what is happening with their territories lately? They are in the middle of some kind of re-zoning. It's obnoxious.

I wish my feet were different so I could wear cuter shoes.

Here is a list of the things on my mind right now:
what is satisfied?

Peace OUT.

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