Feb 9, 2009

blogs hunting volcanos while dealing with angry celebs eating pickles and much more!

I am obsessed with question blog memes right now, and today I've hit the motherload! It's called the Thursday Thunks, and though today is not Thursday, I thought I'd put up last Thursday's questions, and give it a try for a few weeks and see if it sticks. So without further ado....

1. What is one of your favorite blogs to read? Why is it your favorite?
One of my current favs is definitely Cake Wrecks. Good gravy - that blog cracks me up!! Go check it out, and laugh 'til your sides hurt. I love it for the funny. Pure and simple.

2. Have you ever been hunting?
I have never been hunting, I'm not sure if I would enjoy it - I find those kinds of sports boring. However I come from a huge hunting family, and don't complain about getting to enjoy the yummy rewards of their efforts!

3. Do you live near any active volcanos?
That would certainly be a surprise to me! :)

4. If VH1 came out with a new reality show called Celebrity Anger Management, who would you most like to see on the show?
Can I first just say, that I think the concept of Celebrity Anger Management is hilarious. And in light of yesterday's Grammy incident, I'm thinking Chris Brown needs to be the first one on the show.

5. Would you drink horse's milk if offered?
I'm not sure that sounds appetizing, but I have no moral opposition to it necessarily. People drink goat's milk, right?

6. Do you buy pickles? If so, what do you do with the juice after all the pickles are gone?
Sure, I buy pickles sometimes. Mostly in the summer. I would absolutely NOT drink the juice after, but my sister always did when we were growing up. Ick!

7. Do you have a myspace or Facebook account?
Both. But we all know that Facebook is the new MySpace, right? Check me out there - send me a friend request if you like. Oh - and I recommend that you DON'T ask anyone "I don't get this Facebook thing. What the heck do you do with it?" Because then they will show you and you will lose huge gaps of time.

8. Facial hair on men, yea or nay?
Yea - if the style is right. Lots of them are NOT right.

9. Do you know anyone personally who is stockpiling stuff for WWIII or a date they think will be the end of the world (i.e. 12/2012)?
I don't know of anyone intentionally stockpiling for a catastrophic event. But maaaaan do I know some hoarders! I think it might seem better if they had some sort of End of Days excuse to legitimize it. (And yes, if WWIII hits and you are in need of an empty Cool Whip container - I have multiple sources.)

10. Have you downloaded Skype and use it?
I have it downloaded, and never turn it on except to video chat with my parents. The new trends in phone packages have mostly eliminated the free long distance calls feature of the Skype service.

11. Have you ever been stuck by cacti?
Yes I have. But only those little ones my grandmother has growing in her dining room windows. Not the exotic big segura cacti out in the desert somewhere.

12. Do you still have packed boxes from your last move you have yet to unpack? If so, how long have they been there?
I don't think we do! I went on some sort of spree last year, and we went through everything and got rid of so much extra stuff! It was very liberating. That doesn't mean there isn't stuff being stored, but I've been through it all since the move.

13. Ever have a toxic friend you had to break ties with to save your sanity?
Heck yes. Sometimes the best thing to do for yourself is to cut ties and let some people go. Why go on living the torture? I don't regret it in any of the circumstances where it has happened.

So there you have it - Thursday Thunks! What do you think? Is it a keeper?

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